Scam Prevention Pro Tip: Email Scams

Courtesy of Landings Security

Most people who are passionate about their work take the time to improve their skills, and scammers are no different. Every year, millions of Americans lose thousands of dollars to these crafty individuals. Scammers prey on people of all ages and aim to catch you off guard in the hopes of tricking you into sharing information that could put your identity and your assets at risk, resulting in a sizable payday for them.

To help you steer clear of scams, your Landings Security Team will bring you a Scam Prevention Pro Tip from time-to-time, and share information to keep you and your accounts safe. Today's pro tip is: never respond to emails from friends, family, and known associates asking you for a favor, such as purchasing gift cards or performing a task like assisting with lawn care. Usually, there are tell-tell signs that these emails are fraudulent if you look closely. For example, the name may be of someone you know, but the email is slightly off. Delete these emails immediately and do not respond to them. If you are concerned that the email may indeed be from a friend or family member, pick up the phone and give them a call. In 2022, this may seem like an "old school" response, but sometimes old school is the best school!

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