Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

As a follow-up and clarification to my last Security Update, the golf cart incident I shared in my June Landings Journal article did not happen in The Landings. As a refresher, I shared that I recently read that a Texas man was arrested after a passenger fell off a golf cart and died on April 26. Local Law Enforcement Officers responded just after 11 p.m., and their preliminary investigation revealed three people were traveling back to a residence within the community. The golf cart went over a raised utility hole cover, causing the victim, who was standing in the rear of the golf cart, to fall off and hit the road. The passenger, 34, was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Investigators arrested the driver of the golf cart on DUI manslaughter charges.

This unfortunate event happened at The Floridian National Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The focal point and takeaway from my article was that the incident occurred, and very well could have occurred here. Please be careful when operating a golf cart.

’Tis the season! Although it is not winter and certainly not as joyful as Christmas, Hurricane Season runs from June 1 through November 30. Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) conducted its annual Hurricane Town Hall at the Palmetto Club on June 14, and did an outstanding job explaining how you can prepare best for a hurricane and what to expect after a storm. If you missed this informative session, you could glean a wealth of information by visiting their website ( Now is the time to prepare, and if you have special needs such as medical oxygen, medical equipment or other requirements, or evacuation challenges, CEMA offers excellent assistance and services. Please keep abreast of the latest weather and hurricane forecasts. We cannot say this enough – Get prepared now!

Many of you may know that the Main Gate Volunteer Program was terminated when COVID-19 started to impact our local area. These remarkable men and women assisted our community by answering a telephone at the Main Gate and entering guests and vendors into our Access Management software, commonly referred to as ABDi. Their contributions assisted us with approximately 1.2 full-time equivalent employees. Due to the continued high call volume and the desire to not replace the void with adding Security Officers, we will be transitioning to an automated system for the preauthorized guest and vendor telephone line at the Main Gate (912-598-1982). For those residents that still choose to call in their guests and vendors, you now will use an automated attendant. After the automated attendant answers the call, you will enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN), state the name of your guest or vendor, and provide the dates they are authorized to visit. Please look for future emails regarding this transition, so you are not caught by surprise when the automated attendant greets you. If you are like me and do not care for automated attendants, please consider using www.GateAccess.Net or downloading ABDi’s Gate Access app on your smartphone or tablet to preauthorize your guests and vendors.      

The steps to log in are simple upon entering the website or the app.

  • The Community Code is TLA
  • Your Username is your primary email address TLA has on file
  • Your Password is your TLA Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Another change we hope to implement within the next few months is to require vendors to purchase their daily, weekly, or monthly passes online before their visit. They also will be able to purchase or renew their RFIDs online. More to follow on this exciting new system in the next few months, so please stay tuned!

I have mentioned several times in this article and throughout the last eight years, preauthorizing vendors you are expecting at your home is paramount to our access management program. Yes, even if a vendor has an RFID, YOU should still have them on your preauthorized list in ABDi if you expect them to work at your home. The GateAccess website and app are the preferred methods to preauthorize your vendors. Once you enter their name and dates authorized, check the vendor box to designate them as a vendor and save.

Regardless of their industry, most employers have been and still are in dire straits for good employees. I acknowledge my troops for their continued dedicated service to our community. Chad, Jill, Sadatre, Katrice, Eric, Veronica, Connor, Elliott, Salaythea, Nisha, Breanna, Ryan, David, Todd, Jameeria, Jonathan, Aliyah, Carl, Tiko, Rhonda, Jacob, Melanie, Lee, Catrelle, and last but probably most important Erica, my Office Manager, who helps me stay on track, Thank YOU! Make The Landings a special place for these employees and show your appreciation for their efforts and dedicated service.

To recap:

  • Hurricane season is here. Are you prepared?
  • Coming soon: An automated call attendant to preauthorize guests and vendors. ABDi’s website and app are better options for calling in guests and vendors.
  • Also coming soon: Vendors will be required to purchase their daily, weekly, or monthly passes online or even have the ability to buy or renew their annual RFIDs online as well.

Exciting times are ahead. Stay current and informed.


































With much appreciation,

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