Hurricane Preparedness Note from Utilities, Inc. of Georgia








Hurricane Preparedness:

When preparing for Hurricane Season, it is important to remember your water service lines. Most service line breaks happen between the meter and the home. When trees and branches fall, they can cause damage to service and irrigation lines, resulting in large amounts of water loss. Utilities, Inc. recommends that, if possible, the customer turn off the main shutoff valve located at the home and the meter in case of an evacuation. This is a valve that should already be in place. However, if you do not have one, we recommend installing one. By installing a shutoff valve at your home, you can protect your home from losing pressure and draining hot water heaters. 

In the event of an evacuation, Utilities, inc. can assist in locating and shutting off meters only if time allows. During emergencies, UI Operations staff will take necessary procedures to ensure all water and wewer operations are intact and may not be available to assist individual customers leading up to or after a severe weather event. It is recommended that homeowners take the necessary precautions stated above now before an emergency arises.

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