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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Lagoon 11 Dredging Project

Estate Management began the dredging process at Lagoon 11 (which is located by the Marshwood Clubhouse pool) this week. The process involves a dredge that removes the material buildup from the lagoon which is then pumped into dredge bags located along the lagoon bank. Over the next few weeks, the bags will require time to dewater before the material can be mechanically removed from the site. Weather permitting, this project is anticipated to take four to five weeks to complete.

Delegal Creek Marina Lamp Posts Replacements

Evans Electric installed new lamp posts around the Delegal Creek Marina Sunset Pavilion this week. Due to the harsh salt environment, these exterior lamp posts require replacement every 4-6 years. The new LED lamp posts look great and have enhanced the exterior appearance of the amenity, while providing improved lighting for the Sunset Pavilion. This project was planned and funded through the Capital Reserves Fund and was approved for purchase in March.


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