Golf Cart Dos and Don'ts

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

Americans are cutting back on lots of things, but golf cart safety definitely should not be one of them. Taking the time to observe a few simple rules of the road, coupled with a heaping serving of common courtesy, could mean the difference between a pleasant trip and a horrible tragedy.

Golf cart safety is a high priority, whether you are rolling along a course or cruising around the neighborhood. Cart safety at The Landings is serious business for Security Director Tim Cook.

“Courtesy is a must for everyone to enjoy safely the common trails in the community,” he said. “I don’t think anyone wants to be responsible for someone getting seriously injured. The only way to prevent this from happening is to use common sense and always be prepared to make way for others using the trails.”

Most areas where golf carts are allowed have their own set of driving rules, and The Landings Association is no exception. (See page 39-40 of the 2022 Landings Residential Directory.)

Below are some dos and don'ts for operating golf cart.


  • Register Your Golf Cart with The Landings Association - All golf carts in the community must be registered with The Landings Association. The registration process is simple and free. Please read more here
  • Observe Driving Speed - When operating a golf cart, be sure to mind your driving speed. Like regular vehicles, golf carts have a maximum speed, but it is not expected that you always drive at the maximum speed. You should reduce your speed when it is raining, when making sharp turns, or anytime your line-of-sight is reduced.
  • Keep to designated paths and roadways - In most areas where golf carts are allowed, there are designated paths and marked lanes for them to travel. Most trails in the community are common trails, meaning they are designated for use by pedestrians, bikes, and golf carts. There also are several “cart free zones” where you are not allowed to operate a golf cart. (See page 40 of the 2022 Landings Residential Directory.)
  • Yield to Pedestrians and Cyclists - Pedestrians and cyclists always have the right-of-way on common trails, so when you are driving your golf cart, maintain a safe speed with the anticipation that you may need to stop.
  • Keep hands, feet, and other body parts inside the vehicle - This may sound like a precursor to a wicked roller coaster ride, but keeping your limbs inside the cart while it’s moving is common sense, and should be practiced…especially if driving with young children. Also, please do not drive with young children on your lap.
  • Look, Listen, and Drive - Look around and be aware of driving signs and warnings, even if they are meant for regular vehicles. These signs are designed to make your drive easier, regardless of what type of vehicle you are operating. Being aware of speed limits, dips and speed bumps, and other driving warnings will keep you safe. It also will help you avoid undue wear on your golf cart.


  • Carry more passengers than there are seats - If there are only x number of seats, then only x number of passengers can safely board. Exceeding your passenger capacity will put unnecessary weight on your cart and can damage your shocks and prematurely wear down your tires. It also is unsafe, and many golf cart accidents have been caused by excess passengers on board.
  • Drive recklessly or while intoxicated - It is important to remember to observe the same rules when operating a golf cart that you would when operating any other motor vehicle. If you have had too much to drink, do not get behind the wheel of a golf cart.  
  • Allow underage individuals to operate a cart - Under State and Chatham County law, to operate a golf cart, just like any other motorized vehicle, the driver must have a valid operator’s license. A Learners Permit does not qualify as a valid operator’s license. Under OCGA 40-6-3, Chatham County Police Department can enforce traffic laws in our community, including those regarding golf carts. 

    Unlicensed cart operation is one of the most misunderstood issues in our community and one of the most violated. Our Rule mirrors State and Chatham County laws regarding motor vehicles and is very clear. “F. Vehicles, 3. All licensed and unlicensed vehicles must obey all traffic regulations” and “4. Operators of motorized vehicles, including scooters, mopeds, and golf carts, must have a valid operator’s license, in compliance with Georgia law."

  • Allow anyone to stand in the cart or on the platform located in the back - This is a recipe for disaster. Before pulling off, make sure everyone is seated. Be sure not to drive fast downhill, speed around corners, or attempt sharp turns at high speeds. 


The Landings Association collaborated with The Landings Club to create this golf cart safety video in 2013. The Landings Security uniforms featured in this video may be outdated but the information is still very much relevant. 

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