Landings 50th Anniversary Playlist Still Available on Spotify

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

Most people will agree that nothing sparks a memory quicker than a song. To remember the years gone by and to help celebrate the community’s 50th Anniversary, we’ve developed a playlist of some of the most popular songs from the past five decades. 

Put on this Landings 50th Anniversary playlist and pass the time while you exercise, work, or relax. If you don’t have Spotify Premium, you still can listen to this playlist by setting up a free Spotify account. The only difference is with a free account, you will have to endure a few commercial breaks and may not be able to skip tracks. No worries; the music is worth it!   

Click here to listen to The Landings’ 50th Anniversary Playlist. Click here to set up a free Spotify account. #CheersTo50Years!

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