The Landings of Skidaway Island

Philip R. Viviani, Ph.D

The beauty of The Landings and Skidaway Island has been known to inspire many artists, and resident Philip Viviani is no different. He penned the poem below and decided to share it in honor of our 50th Anniversary.




The Landings


Skidaway Island, Georgia


Philip R. Viviani, Ph.D

The Harry S. Truman Parkway is where,

Whitefield Avenue will take you there.

Move off the exit turning right,

Passing a couple of traffic lights.


Moving down the Diamond Causeway,

The marshes begin to show the way.

Passing Pin Point Drive you will shortly see,

An American Flag floating in the breeze.


The Moon River Bridge is not too long,

To remember Mercer’s beautiful song.

Then up the Boat Ramp Bridge we go,

To where The Landings start to show.


To the left and right you will see,

The wonderful marshes of the sea.

The Inland Waterway makes its way,

North and South and every way.


So off the ramp you go,

To find an entrance, go very slow.

A Main Gate can let you in,

Staffed by pleasant women and men.


The roads throughout lead the way,

For you to enjoy a beautiful day.

Majestic Oaks and Pines reach for the sky,

A pleasant sight for every eye.


The Oaks send out their limbs,

For the Spanish Moss to dance in the wind.

There’s flowers and colors galore.

With plantings of many more.


There’s many a’lagoon throughout,

So you can see Egrets lurch about.

Ducks and Herons join the crowd,

With many a’fish to be devoured.


The Mariners are such a sight,

Just sit and enjoy the waters bright.

Boats move in and out,

While others are moored about.


Children laugh and play,

As they catch their seafood prey.

Everything seems so right,

For such a pleasant sight.


Look to the West,

For a beautiful Sunset!

What a wonderful way,

To end a beautiful day.















This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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