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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Landings Harbor Picnic Grounds and Building

Staff completed pressure washing the Landings Harbor Store, tables, tiki bar, and all surrounding buildings around the marina. In conjunction with this maintenance, staff completed additional light checks to ensure all lighting in and around the facility are in working order.

Delegal Marina Sunset Pavilion Chairlift

The chairlift located in the Delegal Marina Sunset Pavilion became inoperable over the weekend. On Tuesday, Vertical Lift Systems was onsite and observed that the door latch pin was engaged when the door opened, which ultimately caused the lift not to operate. Vertical Lift Systems made the necessary repair to the lift and it’s fully operational.

Deer Creek Village Grinder Pump Inoperable

On Monday, the grinder pump (a wastewater conveyance device for our restroom facility) located at the Deer Creek Village Access Control Facility became inoperable. Water/Wastewater Contractors were contacted to make the necessary repairs. Once the contractor is onsite to troubleshoot the equipment, staff will provide an additional update.

Tidewater Square Maintenance

Ace Construction completed the installation of the drainage system in Tidewater Square this week. Absolute Concrete, in conjunction with staff, completed all drain inlet and gutter work around the square. Absolute Concrete will begin working on the community path system through the square next week.

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