General Manager's Update

Karl Stephens -
General Manager/COO

Thank you to all who came out for our first 50th Anniversary Celebration event – Family Fun Day! It was great to see the community spirit (especially the Sundew Road crew with their decorated golf carts), gather again, listen to good music, eat some good food, and see the children enjoy the new playground and giant games. The next community event will be the annual Fourth of July party hosted by The Landings Club, and where your Association helps fund the fireworks. The final, and biggest, Association event to celebrate 50 years will be September 10 at Landings Harbor. Look for many more details as the event date gets closer.

The Association has begun an earlier than usual start to budgeting season this year, as we deal with ongoing inflation impacting all aspects of business operations, from materials costs and shortages to labor pressures. To help hedge our costs, we are negotiating a multi-year contract with our road paving vendor, Bennet Paving, to lock in pricing that is fair to both sides and will allow smaller fluctuations, based on oil prices. Now that we can gather again, we plan to host a series of Budget Workshops this fall, like we did in 2019, so we can explain to the community how we are adjusting to these new times, and to answer and address any questions. I look forward to these events that had to be postponed due to COVID-19.

One financial area of focus this year is replacing dated infrastructure at Landings Harbor Marina, as well as a pilot project that we hope will dramatically decrease the cost of the annual dredging of the Harbor basin. Please look to this month’s Budget Box for more information.

The Association continues to make progress on our Strategic Plan action areas. One recent focus has been on a new smartphone app, that we hope will offer a more robust, easier to use option, than the current app. Work is now underway, and we plan to gradually roll this out with groups of beta testers to ensure proper functionality. You can read overall Strategic Plan updates here.

Please make plans to attend our Hurricane Townhall with Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) on June 14, at 7 p.m. in Palmetto’s Ballroom. CEMA will discuss hurricane preparedness and share tips for creating a hurricane plan.

Finally, if you were not listed in the printed 2022 Landings Residential Directory, or if you have an update to your listing, please let us know by June 14. We want to include you in an addendum that will be printed in the July Landings Journal, and also want to make sure you’re listed how you want to be in the 2023 Residential Directory. Please click here for more details. 

As always, your feedback is important to me and to the entire TLA team. If you have comments or suggestions you want to share, drop me a line (

I look forward to hearing from you!   


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