President's Update 5-25-2022

Tue, 05/24/2022

The month of May has been celebrated by poets, lyricists, singers, and dreamers for centuries. In the 1500s, Thomas Dekker penned The Merry Month of May. In the 1800s, Stephen Foster wrote the song The Merry, Merry Month of May. A song featured in Disney movies sings of strolling through the park one day in the merry, merry month of May. In the musical Camelot, Julie Andrews sings of the lusty month of May, that gorgeous holiday. Recently, Landings residents enjoyed merriment, celebrating during the 50th Anniversary Family Fun Day, providing lots of fun for residents of all ages. A golf cart parade kicked off the activities, allowing residents to enjoy a modern rendition of strolling through the park. Of course, this is The Landings where we, residents and our visitors, have found that this gorgeous holiday is lived all year long.

The Landings lifestyle means living most days as a never-ending, gorgeous holiday. The Landings Association’s Communications Manager Lynn Lewis helps us celebrate the wonders of living in The Landings through communications that include information, education, and celebration. Lynn began working for TLA in 1999 as a communications specialist/writer. She has a degree in Journalism from Georgia Southern University. Using her talents and expertise as a writer, communicator, and people person, Lynn eventually became the Communications Manager for TLA. Lynn shares with us information on various topics such as Chatham County fire fees, hurricane preparedness, and the loud booms heard as a result of training at Fort Stewart many miles away. She helps educate us on topics such as keeping wildlife wild, conservation of clovers, and good reasons to leash and pick up after your dog. Lynn has been collaborating with Landings residents in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Landings by sharing our history and coming together as neighbors to enjoy our island. You can view all the information at

As Communications Manager, Lynn works with other TLA staff members, TLA Board of Directors, and resident volunteers on the Communications Committee. This committee meets monthly, discussing communication of news about The Landings, examining resident feedback, and improving communications to all residents. The Communications Committee consists of nine members composed of resident volunteers. The following resident volunteers serve on this committee: Maryce Cunningham, Anita Clos, Ben Feinbaum, Caitlin Anckner, Holly Taylor, Lisa Olson, Michael Newman, Stephanie Giorgio, and Bob Wood. As we receive communications about various topics, we need to keep in mind that this committee and TLA staff have met to discuss how to best disseminate information to us. These individuals are constantly reviewing the latest topics and modes of communication, including traditional print, electronic instruments, and social media tools. I recognize their expertise and applaud their efforts to help us understand and enjoy this wonderful place we call home.

Our celebration of the merry month of May will continue well past this month, for living in this island paradise is certainly a never-ending gorgeous holiday. Head down to Landings Harbor Marina and get your 50th Anniversary apparel and gear so you, too, will be ready for the even bigger 50th Anniversary Event planned for September 10th at Landings Harbor. For more details about our 50th Anniversary Celebrations, look for further communications from the 50th Anniversary Committee.

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