New to The Landings?

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

If you are new to The Landings and not quite sure what you need to know or a seasoned resident looking for a refresher on life in this community, then the new resident webpage of The Landings Association’s website is exactly what you need.  

This new webpage, called New to The Landings?, is housed in the resources area of the website ( and can be accessed via a “quick link” on the homepage. Although the information targets new residents, it is useful for all residents.

Information on the webpage includes everything residents need to know to navigate life in The Landings, from obtaining an RFID for their vehicles to gain access into the community to signing up for Landings Association emails. A Frequently Asked Questions section also offers answers to recurring questions our customer service team receives regularly. The new page is part of our Strategic Plan effort to highlight frequently asked questions more prominently on the website for all residents.

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