50th Anniversary Golden Nugget: 1996 Olympics

By Richard Burke

Although Atlanta was the official host of the 1996 Olympics, Yachting events were held right off our shore in Wassaw Sound. Ten different sailing classes including men’s, women’s, and mixed events, raced ten or more races each over the eight-day span of the games. There were 461 athletes representing 78 countries from six continents, who competed and an average of 1,000 spectators a day turned out to watch.

Brazil took home the most Yachting medals, winning a total of three. Spain, Ukraine, the United States, and three other countries took home two medals. Fifteen other nations took home one medal each, bringing the total number of nations who medaled in the Savannah events to 22.

An Olympic Marina on Wilmington Island and a temporary barge structure called the Day Marina anchored in Wassaw Sound were set up to facilitate the events.

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