Islanders Cast Away

By Doug Painter

Long-time network television journalist Tom Brokaw once quipped, “If fishing is religion, fly fishing is high church.” Recently 36 island residents had the opportunity to attend this “high church” to see for themselves whether they want to join the flock of the fly fishing faithful.

Developed and sponsored by the Skidaway Island Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) in cooperation with Rivers & Glen Trading Co. of Savannah, this opportunity took place on Saturday, April 30 at The Landings Community Park, and was led by veteran fly angler and CCA Director of Publicity, Doug Painter and Rivers & Glen Trading Co. Manager, Chad Dubose.

Anticipating a record-breaking crowd, Chad Dubose brought five certified fly-casting instructors to the clinic along with plenty of fly rod outfits for everyone to try out. During the morning, half the attendees practiced smoothly laying out a fly line while the other half learned about fly fishing terminology, rigging a fly rod-and-reel, and had a hands-on experience learning key fly-fishing knots. At mid-morning, the groups flipped-flopped their activities.

“We had very positive feedback from attendees, and we are very pleased with the active participation from the folks at Rivers & Glen Trading Co,” noted Painter. “They are committed to helping fly anglers successfully get into the sport, and I want to note that they will be soon moving their store location from 24 Drayton Street to a nearby address on Broughton Street.” 

What’s next? We are looking at a new event, Bluegills & Brews, an evening of fly fishing at the Kids’ Lagoon with a sunset beer, or two. Stay tuned!

This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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