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Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

Staff have been working ahead of the contractor’s anticipated start date in June to make the necessary repairs/replacements to mailboxes and posts within this year’s project scope. They are currently working on Priest Landing Drive and its side streets and will progress to Bartram Road next week. Our annual Mailbox and Sign Painting Program consists of painting approximately 1/3 of the community’s mailboxes and street signs. This program is funded operationally.

Lagoon Dredging Prep Work Lagoon 4

Staff completed all preparations in advance of the lagoon dredging and shoreline stabilization along Lagoon 4 this week. Lagoon 4 runs adjacent to TLA’s community path from Priest Landing up to the Marsh Tower. Once the lagoon has been dredged, some of the dredge material will be reused from the lagoon to recapture the shoreline using a SOX system. The SOX system includes a fabric that is adhered to the bank of the lagoon wherein the dredge material is then pumped into it. Over time, the dredge material will dewater in place and harden. There are three locations along Lagoon #4 that this system will be utilized. Weather permitting, this project is expected to take 3-4 weeks to be completed. Note: This project is funded operationally.

Fish Kill in Lagoon 14

This week, Lagoon 14, adjacent Willeford Drive, had a fish kill. Staff were notified on May 1 of heavy algae in one corner of the lagoon and of a strong odor. Staff identified the algae as a cyanobacteria, which had created a strong odor and formed a film on the lagoon’s surface. Cyanobacteria are naturally occurring and will form a bloom only when there is an influx of nutrients introduced to the lagoon. These large blooms cause a monoculture of algae, which unbalances the natural flora within the lagoon. When this type of bacteria accumulates in the water column, it produces toxins that can be detrimental to all species of fish in the lagoon.

In order to eradicate the cyanobacteria, staff applied a copper-based herbicide below the EPA labeled rates in Lagoon 14. On Wednesday May 4, staff noticed the fish kill in Lagoon 14. The herbicides used are designed to eliminate specific vegetation and do not negatively impact fish and wildlife. Cyanobacteria produce oxygen in the water column through photosynthesis. Once the herbicide application was successful in eliminating this algae bloom, there was an initial reduction in the amount of oxygen produced by the flora. Oxygen sensitive fish such as gizzard shad and grass carp were unable to survive this change, resulting in the aforementioned fish kill. Staff cleaned up and removed all dead fish from this lagoon to prevent further oxygen depletion through decomposition. Oxygen levels in this lagoon will stabilize naturally through wind action and photosynthesis. Staff will continue to monitor the oxygen levels of this lagoon until they stabilize.

Facilities and Park Pruning

Staff continued to work on the Facilities Annual Pruning. To date, staff have completed pruning around TLA’s Administration Building, Delegal Creek Marina, Sunset Park, and Sunrise Park.

2022 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving is working on the punch list for this year’s project scope. After the punch list has been compiled, staff will review and schedule all necessary work.

2022 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete continued working on the conversion of path (from asphalt to concrete) in Moon River this week. Barring any setbacks, they anticipate completion of this path by the end of the week.

Tidewater Square Maintenance

On Monday, staff began removing the walkway bricks in Tidewater Square. The brick is then inventoried for future use in the repairs to the roadway in the coming months.

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