2022 Road Project Update

Courtesy of Landings Public Works

The 2022 Road Project is 95% complete as Bennett Paving has finished the milling and paving of the North Gate, Dame Kathryn Drive, Orton Court, Monastery Road, Romerly Road, Landings Way South from Activity Drive to Westcross Road, and Shellwind Drive. The remaining portion of the 2022 project (the west side of the Westcross Bridge) is scheduled for the end of June. 

While we know there were some inconveniences during the project with lane closures and delays during the laying of asphalt, the project has been very successful thus far! During the lane closures, specifically on Shellwind Drive, Bennett Paving had 30 employees onsite operating equipment, etc. to expedite the milling and paving process. To prolong the lifespan of the roadway, Bennett Paving also ran two paving machines to avoid any seam issues down the road. 

Bennett Paving has continued to remain an excellent partner for the improvement projects within the community. They prepared the below video of the paving process on Shellwind Drive – enjoy!






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