50th Anniversary Golden Nugget: The Tower Area

Courtesy of the 50th Anniversary History and Communications subcommittees

The Tower Area is among the prettiest neighborhoods in the community. Yet despite the fact that its access road, Priest Landing Drive, was among the very first constructed, the Tower Area was the last section in Marshwood to be platted and sold - - even later than many of the areas in Palmetto (formerly Plantation).

Why was that? Early concept plans for The Landings were very different from what ultimately occurred. The original plan envisioned Marshwood containing 900 condominiums and the Tower Area was among the areas slated for that use. Indeed, it was actually sold to an outside condominium developer just as The Landings began. It was only the recession of 1973 that jinxed that outcome. The condominium developer lost his funding, the land fell into the hands of the FDIC, and the property lay fallow until Union Camp reacquired it in 1979. By that time, it was eminently clear that The Landings would consist almost entirely of single-family homes and all thoughts of condominiums on this choice parcel came to a screeching halt!

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