Public Works...Working for You!

Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Dog Park Maintenance

The Dog Park was closed on Monday, April 25 to allow staff and BrightView to complete maintenance items. The maintenance included cutbacks of the palms, downfall pickup, spreading sand in low spots, fence repairs, and insecticide treatment focusing on the ants. The Park reopened for its furry friends on Tuesday.

Nature Trail Maintenance

The Nature Trail was bush hogged this week in order to keep undergrowth from overtaking the path. This work was completed operationally.

2022 Storm Drain Project
Southeast Pipe completed surveying a section of pipe on Landings Way North near Chatuachee Crossing this week. Staff are in the process of reviewing the survey data and will make a determination on which sections of pipe require the CIPP (cured in place pipe lining) process.

2022 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete continued to work on the conversion of path (from asphalt to concrete) in Moon River (from #110 Waterway Drive up to Riverwatch Lane) this week.

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