President's Update 4-27-2022

By Mark Winters -
President, The Landings Association

Spring is in the air, and even though summer is almost two months away, we are enjoying activities in The Landings as if it is already summertime. Recreational activities certainly are abundant in our community, with many options from which to choose. Amenities at The Landings bring opportunities for activity regardless of residents’ athletic abilities. The Landings Marinas provide opportunities for various pursuits and interests. As our southern sun ushers in warmer temperatures, the green spaces at our marinas have become more active with residents enjoying the warmth of our climate and the beauty of our coastal environment. Residents may enjoy watching wildlife, including birds and our aquatic wildlife, while others choose to enjoy excellent fishing and crabbing opportunities. Many residents choose to take in the sunrises and sunsets that decorate our skies as if brushed by the paint of artists. All these activities provide the perfect opportunity for photographers to capture the beauty of our island and coastal waters. In addition to these land-based activities at our marinas, many residents choose the marinas as a place from which to launch their vessels…paddleboards, kayaks, jet skis, powerboats, and sailboats.

While many residents own water vessels and store them at our marinas, other residents enjoy these recreational pursuits on the water by renting a kayak at Delegal Creel Marina or by joining a boating club, such as The Landings Sailing Club or Carefree Boat Club. The opportunities to enjoy our coastal environment with friends and family are certainly numerous.

As with any highly used amenity, the facilities and services at our marinas are staffed by dedicated employees assisting residents who enjoy these marinas-based activities. In March 2020, The Landings Association’s Marinas Director Larry Sincoskie took the helm managing our marinas. Larry has more than 27 years experience in the marina industry throughout the Southeast, from North Carolina to South Florida. His dedicated staff provide assistance to residents who partake of the amenities at our marinas. If you have been in The Landings Harbor Ship Store, you have no doubt interacted with Jennifer Sabo, who has been making an impact on merchandising and organizing sales within the store. Jennifer has certainly found a home in which to put her experience in retail and design to good work in The Landings.

On busy weekends, you may have seen Jim Toole keeping marina operations running smoothly by assisting boaters. Jim has shared his humor and sage advice with many over the past 15 years. You may also have talked to and been assisted by Mike Bousquet, another “old salt” sharing his oral history and sea stories. As the longest tenured employee of The Landings Association, Mike has been operating a forklift at the marina since 1985. Recently promoted to Dockmaster at Landings Harbor, Dylan Bedortha has been a part of the marina team since 2019. Dylan is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island and has found a home in Savannah. Operating forklifts and assisting residents on the docks provides opportunities for marina staff to interact with boaters who enjoy spending time on the water. Lead Forklift Operator Fernando Marquez is a Savannah native working at the marina since 2020. In 2021, Alex Shelton began providing dock assistance to residents. Alex Schuman has been working at Landings Harbor since 2021 as a forklift operator. Recently celebrating his one-year anniversary with TLA as a forklift operator is Sam Floyd. The Dock Master at Delegal Creek Marina is Mike Marino, who many residents know from his previous work with Carefree Boat Club.

Supporting TLA staff at our marinas are the resident volunteers on TLA’s Marinas Committee, which include Mark Piven, Bill Stallings, David Denhard, Deborah Morse, Doug Powelson, Ken Hylander, Mike Welsh, Owen Brennan, and Tony Martin.

These staff members and volunteers maintain the two marinas within The Landings, which are enjoyed as beautiful amenities. Boaters and non-boaters have in common a love of the natural beauty which attracts so many to the mild climate and coastal intrigue of Skidaway Island. I hope you find time as I have to enjoy Landings Harbor Marina and Delegal Creek Marina.

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