Landings Journal Water Chart Explained

By Lee Maine
Utilities, Inc.

Each month, Utilities, Inc. supplies a water chart to The Landings Association outlining water usage for the previous month. 

This data began as a way to show how we are stacking up against 2004 withdrawals so that everyone can gauge the level of conservation or alternative source required to sustain the community. Our current permit allows 1.695 million gallons per day average usage. Rainfall is added to show how it affects the average withdrawal. The idea is to connect most of the use to irrigation.

The average daily flow column shows the average daily flow per month. At the end of the year, these numbers are averaged to find the average for the year. That is the number that must be below the 1.695 million gallon per day. The maximum and minimum daily flows have a slight impact on our permit but not as much as the average daily flow.

We gather rainfall numbers from and use the Skidaway data.

Basically, this chart is intended to help educate our customers on the importance of water conservation and show how rainfall affects our consumption.

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