Budget Box: 2022 Road Repair and Resurfacing Project

By Karl Stephens - karls@landings.org
General Manager/COO

The Landings Association has approximately 91 miles of roadways. Each year, staff, the Public Works Committee, and an engineering firm evaluate through field inspection the Association-owned roads and make recommendations for the annual repair and resurfacing program. These recommendations are based on the condition of the roadway, the amount of root intrusions and ride-altering bumps, whether separation of asphalt exists, and whether any curb/drainage issues exist. The following roads are being repaved in 2022 due to significant degradation of the base and sub-base of these roads:


  • Shellwind Drive: including Shellwind Drive beginning at Moonbill Lane
  • Monastery Road: including Monastery West
  • Romerly Road: including Romerly Road West
  • The Settlement Townhomes: Dame Kathryn Drive
  • Westcross Bridge: west side of the bridge only
  • North Gate Area Entrance & Exit Lanes: from McWhorter to Bartram Road
  • Landings Way South: from Activity Drive to Westcross Road

   In 2021, staff secured a contract with Bennett Paving for pricing per square yard for 2022 projects at the same rate that was paid last year. Over the last four years, Bennett Paving has successfully completed several large-scale projects in the community. Due to this ongoing partnership with Bennett Paving, they agreed to keep the unit pricing at $17.50 per square yard for the 2022 project scope. In March 2022, the decision was made to add resurfacing of Landings Way South from Activity Drive to Westcross Road. Originally planned for 2025, due to asphalt failing throughout the roadway, it was determined that a full replacement is required sooner than anticipated. While this project is unbudgeted, staff will submit a change order to Bennett Paving and include this area within the 2022 Road Repair and Replacement Project Contingency for a cost of $59,999.

   The 2022 Road Resurfacing Project will be funded through the 2022 Capital Reserves for an estimated total project cost of $1,390,000, compared to the budgeted amount of $1,451,933.

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