50th Anniversary Golden Nugget: Churches

Courtesy of the 50th Anniversary History and Communications subcommittees

When only a few families lived in The Landings, church services were held in the Marshwood Clubhouse by Reverend George Aiken, a retired resident who was also a minister. When the first volunteer fire station was built, services moved to that location in October of 1977, under the auspices of the Savannah Presbytery led by Minister Charlie Shedd.

When the number of attendees outgrew the capacity of the firehouse, the Skidaway Island Community Church, with the aid of the Savannah Presbytery, purchased in 1978 a small tract of land on the Diamond Causeway near the entrance to the State Park entrance. Land for the building of a Methodist church was also purchased in that area.

Since 1994, St Peter’s Episcopal congregation and the Lutheran congregation have both built sanctuaries on Westridge Road. In 1998, the Skidaway Island Baptist Church was formed and also built a facility on Westridge Road.

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