Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

Great news on pedestrian safety precautions mentioned in last month’s article! We have sold several safety sashes (pictured at right)!  To purchase yours today, email, with SAFETY SASH as the subject. Sashes are $25 each.

Enforcement efforts in April will focus on speeding in targeted areas in the community, and we have requested that Chatham County Police Department assist us. Of course, the cart-free zones mentioned in last month’s Journal article also will have resources dedicated to improvement and compliance.

A few residents inquired about the longer guest lines at the gates. In 2021, we processed more than 267,000 expected arrivals through our gates, and this year does not appear to be much different. Additionally, we continue struggling with residents who forget to preauthorize their expected arrivals. Please ensure anyone you are expecting at your home is preauthorized via or the ABDi app on your smart device. We are looking at a new system to integrate with our current system, which would require vendors who purchase a daily, weekly, or monthly pass to do so online before their visit. If we proceed with this integration, it will be imperative you communicate with your vendors and ensure you have correctly preauthorized them in ABDi, our access management database. While working the gate a few weeks ago, I had to call a resident for an UberEats delivery. I investigated a step further and discovered officers had to continually call this resident every time UberEats made a delivery to their home. Too often, when faced with the slightest adversity of getting into the community (a resident forgetting to preauthorize their expected arrival), vendors simply leave. Again, I cannot stress the importance of preauthorizing anyone you expect at your home.

We also will continue to evaluate the best possible customer service for the greater good of the community and guests/vendors who have been preauthorized correctly versus those who have not. For those guests and vendors not appropriately preauthorized, the burden of contacting the sponsoring resident will be placed on them, and they will be required to re-enter the line upon accomplishing this task. I do not know many of the UberEats drivers or other vendor or delivery persons, but most of the few I know would not take the time to contact the resident. Please, take this as an ounce of prevention and with goodwill. The intention is to ensure your expected arrivals are processed correctly and efficiently as well as decrease the bothersome lines on several levels.

A quote recently caught my attention: “Take 100% of the responsibility for your 50% of the relationship.” I cannot entirely agree with this quote, but I agree that the responisblity to preauthorize your expected arrivals rests solely on you.


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