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2022 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving completed paving Romerly Road East and West this week and will progress to the paving of Landings Way South between Activity Drive to Westcross Road next week.

Landings Way South Paving

On Monday, April 4 through Tuesday, April 5, Bennett Paving is scheduled to mill and pave Landings Way South between Activity Drive and Westcross Road. During this time, this section of Landings Way South will be closed for the resurfacing of both lanes. Closing this section of Landings Way South for two days allows for the least amount of disturbance to the community. All those traveling northbound and southbound on Landings Way should use the Franklin Creek Road South detour (signage will display required detours).

Vehicular Traffic:

During this closure, residents and guests traveling on Landings Way South are recommended to use the Oakridge gate to enter and exit the community to avoid the project area. Vehicular traffic entering or exiting at the Main Gate will use the detour via Franklin Creek Road and continue to Landings Way South to their final destination (signage will display required detours).

Golf Cart Traffic:

Golf cart traffic traveling on the Westcross Road community path at Landings Way may experience delays during the project. When crossing Landings Way South, please use extreme caution, and follow all signage and traffic personnel instructions.

Please use caution when traveling around the repair areas, and be cognizant of the detour arrows, signage, and contractor’s crews directing traffic. Thank you in advance for your patience as we continue to improve the infrastructure throughout the community.

Lagoon Cutbacks – Palmetto

Staff began working on lagoon cutbacks in the Palmetto section of the community this week. As a reminder, this program is completed operationally and encompasses the uplifting of vegetation overhanging the lagoons as well as removing woody and new growth around the lagoon banks. This is completed annually to improve the aesthetics of the lagoon, while keeping the lagoon banks clear enough to allow adequate access for lagoon maintenance personnel.

Main Gate Plantings

BrightView replaced several plants/shrubs that were damaged during the installation of the grinder pump (which connected the facility to UI’s sewer system) at the Main Gate this week.

North Gate and Main Gate Turf Transition

BrightView completed the turf transition at the North Gate this week and will move to the Main Gate next week. Please note that the project area will be scalped the week prior to sod placement (periods of no turf at this gatehouse will exist temporarily) before the new sod is installed the week after the scalping process. Following the installation of each section of turf, Brightview may be required to run the irrigation during the day for 1-2 weeks to ensure the new sod is getting the proper amount of water to get established.

2022 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete completed the conversion of path (from asphalt to concrete) on Vandy Court this week and will move to the path on Mainsail Crossing next week.

2022 Storm Drain Project

Southeast Pipe completed the CIPP (cured in place pipe) lining on Yam Gandy Road this week, which concludes the critical pipe repairs. Staff, in conjunction with Southeast Pipe, are in the process of scheduling the remaining pipe repairs within this year’s project scope.



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