President's Update 3-23-2022

Thu, 03/24/2022
In March, we celebrate traditions and new beginnings. On March 17th, we embrace Irish traditions and heritage with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Following these celebrations, we celebrate the spring equinox, known as the first day of spring, during which we celebrate growth and new beginnings. Traditions such as these are important to our history as a society and a nation. This year, The Landings Association (TLA) honors tradition and heritage as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary by looking at the first 50 years and envisioning the next 50 years. On March 3rd, TLA looked back at 2021 while anticipating the accomplishments of 2022 with the Annual Meeting, during which the 2021 Financial Review was presented along with the 2022 Operations Preview. This meeting also provided an opportunity to recognize residents who volunteered their time, energy, and expertise to benefit our community. We recognized Board Directors John Holmquist, Jim Morgan, and Eric Larson, who completed their terms. We congratulated Carolyn Zalesne for her winning design of The Landings 50th Anniversary Logo. We also announced the Volunteer Group of the Year. This group consisted of more than 140 members who comprised the Skidaway Island COVID-19 Vaccination Volunteers with the COVID-19 vaccination clinic in The Village. March certainly is a month of celebrating past achievements as we look forward to the accomplishments yet to be made. As TLA Board of Directors President, I am overwhelmed by the number of volunteers in our community who support the talented and dedicated staff of TLA, which is why I want to recognize these volunteers and staff members throughout the year. TLA is composed of several departments which manage the operations of our Association and maintain the beauty of our island home. One department is Public Works, which preserves the beauty of our island through the maintenance of strong infrastructure. The Public Works Department has multiple programs operating throughout our island. When you drive on our 91 miles of roadway or enjoy our 30 miles of community paths and trails, then you have utilized the handiwork of these individuals. In addition, they provide street sweeping and maintenance of TLA’s road and bridges. Under our roads and paths are approximately 47 miles of storm drains, which are vital to our community and are maintained by Public Works through construction programs. Managing TLA’s construction programs team is Construction Manager Bill Campbell, who has been working on our island since 2016. His experience throughout the Low Country continues to be an asset. Bill oversees a staff of six on the construction program team. Since 2006, Carzell Rocks has been a member of this team. Carzell is originally from Savannah and worked with the Georgia Ports Authority prior to joining the staff. In 2018, Elijah Hires began working for TLA after working with a private street sweeping company. Elijah is also a Georgia native, having grown up in Jesup. Greg King, a Savannah native, joined TLA in 2019. Greg worked with the City of Savannah, dealing with stormwater and streets. Another Savannah native, Tracey Edmonds, joined TLA staff in 2020. Tracey had several years experience working with the City of Savannah Public Works Department. Also in 2020, Daquan McGee, originally from New York, joined the staff. Daquan has experience working for a private street sweeping company. The newest member of the construction team is Rhett Lermy, who began working at TLA in 2021. Rhett worked for a private construction company that operated throughout the country. Supporting the dedicated TLA staff in the Public Works Department are 13 resident volunteers who comprise TLA’s Public Works Committee. They meet monthly to discuss proposed projects and to make recommendations to TLA’s Board of Directors. The volunteers on this committee also serve on subcommittees that report back to the larger committee. The resident volunteers on this committee include Bob Egan, Bob Hainly, David Grosse, Hal Evans, James Corley, Kathy Siler, Mary Lee Beach, Richard Sullivan, Rick Ricci, Robert Strand, Jr., Ron Kolat, Terry Breyman, and Hal Duensing. Each spring as the weather warms, we are reminded how very fortunate we are to live amongst the beauty of our island. Some of us especially embrace this season as gardeners who plant and care for Azaleas, Dog Woods, and the buds of spring. We build on what was sown in the past as we add new plantings, with the expectations of the vibrant year ahead. The same is true for TLA staff and volunteers as they build on what has been cultivated over the past 50 years while maintaining and growing as a vibrant community. Whether you are a gardener like my wife and me, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of our island, I hope you have a wonderful spring full of vibrant possibilities!

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