Landings Rules and Regulations for Lagoon Fishing

By Dylan Till -
Environmental Manager

With spring just beginning and the warmer weather of summer seemingly right around the corner, many Landings residents are starting to turn their attention to the lagoons and recreational fishing. For both our new and longtime residents this is a great time of year to remind everyone of the rules regarding fishing in the lagoons.

  • Fishing in lagoons is permissible for owners/residents and their accompanied guests only.
  • Fishing is permitted from common property only. Encroachment on private property is prohibited. Fishing from golf courses is prohibited.
  • Users of common property are responsible for any damage to such property, and for the cleanup and trash removal from the property as a result of their specific use.
  • Disturbing the peace, endangering others, excessive noise, littering, and destruction of property is prohibited.
  • Motor vehicles are not permitted to park within a car length of the lagoon edges. Where appropriate, vehicles may park off-road adjacent to the lagoons.
  • Boating, rafting, wading, and swimming are prohibited in the lagoons.
  • Georgia Fishing Rules and Regulations apply in The Landings. A complete listing of fishing rules which range from license requirements to game fish daily limits to length limits for various species can be found on the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website ( )

An often-overlooked skill that is essential to fishing in both freshwater and saltwater is learning how to properly and safely release caught fish. The proper techniques for catch and release could easily be its own article. Please see this Georgia DNR Coastal Resources Division article on the subject ( Whether you practice catch and release for conservation or because the fish just doesn’t quite meet the length requirements, its important to have the skills needed to safely return fish back to the water to ensure the continued health of our fisheries.

Please contact the TLA Environmental Manager at 598-5506 for more information about lagoon fishing. Landings Security encourages residents to call 598-1982 should there be a concern regarding any rules and regulations not being followed. Anglers should be aware of their surroundings at all times, as alligators are found in both freshwater and saltwater lagoons.


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