CDD News You Can Use: Spring Landscaping

By Karen Szychowski - karens@landings.og
Property and Housing Inspector

Whether you are planting annuals for added color or addressing maintenance concerns, spring is the perfect time of year to start a landscaping project.

Something to consider when landscaping in The Landings is that not all grasses are suitable for all areas of the community.  For example, Zoysia grass may be better suited for an area with more tree canopy and minimal irrigation, whereas St. Augustine grass will produce dense, healthy turf in a sunny well irrigated lawn.

Also, some areas are not ideal for growing turf, such as shaded areas under trees, sloped areas, or areas that are not irrigated. Consider transforming these areas into beautiful garden beds using ground coverage and evergreen plantings. The combination of pine straw or mulch, and shade tolerant evergreens such as ferns, philodendrons, or privets can reduce maintenance costs and create an attractive landscape year-round. 

Remember, some plants species are more deer resistant than others. Contact the Community Development Team ( for a list of recommended plants.

If you are planning a large renovation, more that 25% of your existing landscaping, replacing irrigation, or adding hardscapes please email the Community Development Department (, so that we can help you obtain any required permits.

Enjoy the weather and thank you for all that you do to help keep The Landings beautiful!

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