Backyard Buzz – Recent Dog Park Incident

Recently, I saw online about a potential dog vs. dog incident at The Landings Dog Park. What happens in such a case?

If your dog is involved in an incident at the Dog Park, The Landings Association encourages Dog Park patrons to call Landings Security (912-598-1982 and select option 2 for non-emergency situations and 3 for emergencies). A Landings Security Officer will come out and take a report. It is important to note that all reports are forwarded to Chatham County Animal Control, which may also get involved. Additionally, if found in violation of the Rules and Regulations regarding the Dog Park, owners of the offending animal may be subject to fines or suspension of TLA privileges. This may include suspension from the Dog Park until the dog is properly trained and socialized.

It is the responsibility of patrons to supervise the activities of their dogs while at The Landings Dog Park. This includes preventing, detecting, and addressing any conflicts while visiting the Park. Dog owners are encouraged to only bring dogs to the Park that are properly socialized and monitor their dogs while at the Park to ensure they are interacting safely with other dogs and humans. Quickly responding to an animal’s body language and removing an uncomfortable or overexcited dog from the Park is wise and can prevent potential conflicts.

The Landings Dog Park is a wonderful community amenity that can provide lots of fun for dogs and their humans. Let’s work together to keep it that way.

To read the complete list of Landings Dog Park Rules, click here

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