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North Gate and Main Gate Turf Transition

BrightView began working on the turf transition at the North Gate this week. Please note that the project area will be scalped the week prior to sod placement (periods of no turf at this gatehouse will exist temporarily) before the new sod is installed the week after the scalping process. Following the installation of each section of turf, Brightview may be required to run the irrigation during the day for 1-2 weeks to ensure the new sod is receiving the proper amount of water to get established. Once the North Gate is completed, BrightView will move to the Main Gate. The full transition at each gate is expected to take 3-4 weeks.

2022 Road Repair and Replacement Project

On Friday, Bennett Paving completed milling and paving Monastery Road and will progress to Romerly Road next week.

2022 Community Path Project

This week, Absolute Concrete completed the conversion of path (from asphalt to concrete) located on Chatuachee Crossing. They are scheduled to move to the path located at Vandy Court to Bosun’s Circle and Mainsail Crossing to Delegal’s Retreat on Monday.

Lagoon Dyeing

Staff began working on the aquatic dye program this week. This program consists of adding aquatic dye to the freshwater lagoons to darken them which helps limit plant growth, while improving the aesthetics of the lagoons. Dyeing the lagoons also reduces the amount of algaecide/herbicide treatments applied to the lagoons.

Road Tree Pruning Program – Deer Creek

This week, staff continued working on the 2022 Winter Road Tree Pruning Program. This program is completed operationally and encompasses lifting the canopies up over the roadways to provide proper heights for emergency vehicles and other large vehicles within the community. Staff are currently working in the Deer Creek section of the community.

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