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2022 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving completed milling and paving Monastery Road West this week. Due to the recent inclement weather, Bennett Paving will begin milling Monastery Road on Monday, March 14.

2022 Community Path Project

On Monday, Absolute Concrete completed the conversion of path (from asphalt to concrete) located at the bottom of the Westcross Bridge. The contractor also began the demolition of the asphalt path on Chatuachee Crossing this week.

2022 Storm Drain Lining Project

This week, Southeast Pipe completed the CIPP (cured in place pipe) lining process on Barnwell Lane and will move to Yam Gandy Road next week.

CCA Electrofishing

CCA conducted the annual electrofishing survey program in 30 freshwater lagoons in the community this week. This program involves using a Jon boat equipped with electrified antennae to temporarily immobilize or “shock” fish. The immobilized fish are then netted and placed into a holding tank. Once the entire lagoon has been surveyed, the fish in the holding tank are removed to be identified by species and measured (length and weight (if appropriate) and are then released in the lagoon unharmed. The data collected then is used to determine the health of the lagoon based on predator/prey ratios and to provide recommendations for the removal of fish and/or the stocking of additional fish. This program is funded by Coastal Conservation Association’s Skidaway Chapter (CCA) and is one of many great programs CCA provides to residents of The Landings.













Kids' Fishing Lagoon

On Tuesday, staff removed the old, worn exterior door on the Kids’ Fishing Lagoon storage shed and replaced it with a new exterior door. Staff applied one coat of paint on the door and will apply another coat of paint within the next two weeks.

McWhorter Drive Crossover Bridge

Staff completed preventative maintenance to the vehicular bridge that stretches across McWhorter Drive. The monthly maintenance to the bridge includes completing any necessary board replacements, sanding trip hazards, securing loose boards, and repairing any railings and loose pickets.

Club Car Championship Golf Tournament Preparation

In preparation for The Landings Club’s Club Car Championship golf tournament at the end of this month, staff began pressure washing both Deer Creek Gates, repairing and replacing damaged fencing and signage, and completed necessary paint touchups. Additionally, staff completed the monthly preventative maintenance to the Islands of Deer Creek bridge (sanding trip hazards, securing loose boards, etc.).

TLA Fire Safety System Replacement

On Wednesday, Coastal Empire Fire & Safety began the installation of the fire safety system for The Landings Association Administration Building (600 Landings Way South). Over the last year, the panel has continued to send out random trouble signals. The current system has intermittent fire trouble alarms that can’t be traced to a specific time or situation since it is an older zoned system. The new smoke detection/ fire alarm system is equipped with a display screen that will display the identified trouble signal in the system. This project was approved by the Board in January as part of our Capital Asset Management Plan and should be fully installed by early next week.

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