Decline in Civility and Social Norms

By Tim Cook -
Security Director

The challenges with civility in this busy world in which we live is nothing new. However, most would agree that since the onset of COVID-19, civility has continued to decline. 

The question becomes is this decline caused by a new generation not being taught social etiquette, lack of knowledge, understanding, or acceptance? Maybe people just don’t care about their fellow citizens and are part of the “Me” generation? Studies also have indicated social media has led to a decline in this realm as well. Social media does have its benefits, but the negativity that we read every day and put out into the universe tends to make overall gracious behavior, acceptance, and willingness to be kind to your fellow human beings more of a struggle.

Civility can only come from you. Most issues we continue to find challenging are directly related to civility and giving your neighbor due care. Please take stock of your personal accountability and help us solve the issue of lack of civility. If nothing else, prior to taking any actions or even speaking (or typing) in anger, refer to the old saying, “It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” Be that agent of change, and the best change occurs when good intentions are the driving force.

In closing, remember it only is my best intention to ask everyone to pause and reflect on the true root-cause of an issue before reacting. Please give the suggestion of being more civil a chance and help make a positive change in your family, our community, and possibly the world around you.  

This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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