Where Did You Get the Name Yam Gandy? 

By Richard Burke
Courtesy of the 50th Anniversary History and Communications subcommittees

From my wife! She read it in a popular coffee table book of the 1970’s entitled, “Guale, the Golden Coast of Georgia". An opening paragraph includes, “Here flow the Ohoopies and the Canoochies, the Yam Gandy. and the other streams notorious for barren lands, the haunt of deer, and for limped waters rich with fish.” That line, in turn, comes from a 19th century chronicle by Absolem Chapell entitled “Miscellanies of Georgia". 

The Ohoopie, Canoochie, and Yam Gandy are located near Swainsboro, 90 miles west of Savannah.

Note: Richard Burke worked for Branigar the Developer of The Landings.


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