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2022 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving completed milling and paving Dame Kathryn Drive and Orton Court this week and will move to Monastery Road next week.

2022 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete demoed the path located at the bottom of the Westcross Bridge this week. Due to a concrete supply issue, the contractor was unable to pour this section of path after demolition. Absolute Concrete is scheduled to complete this path next week. Thereafter, they will begin working on the conversion of path on Chatuachee Crossing.

2022 Storm Drain Project

This week, Southeast Pipe removed tree roots and other debris from the storm drain located beneath Barnwell Lane in preparation for the CIPP (cured in place pipe) lining process. To the right is a picture of some of the tree roots that were removed from the pipe.

Road Tree Pruning Program – Oakridge

This week, staff continued the 2022 Winter Road Tree Pruning Program along Westcross Road. As a reminder, this program is completed operationally and encompasses lifting the canopies up over the roadways to provide proper heights for emergency vehicles and other large vehicles within the community.

Landings Harbor Plantings

BrightView installed new plants along the entrance into the Landings Harbor parking lot this week. The new plants have drastically improved the aesthetics in this area.

Carp Stocking

This week, 300 triploid grass carp were stocked into 17 freshwater lagoons throughout the community. The carp are an environmentally friendly way to offset the cost of herbicide/algaecide chemical treatments that we use in our lagoons.












Marsh Tower Maintenance

As part of our annual maintenance program, staff completed the quarterly pressure washing of the Marsh Tower this week. Additionally, staff worked on preventive maintenance items which included sanding trip hazards, removing graffiti, screwing down loose boards, and repairing any loose railings.

Oakridge Gate

The Oakridge Gate is fully operational. Recently the Oakridge RFID entry lane had intermittent failures causing the barrier arm not to open with a valid RFID tag. Staff attempted to troubleshoot and repair the gate with no success. On Monday, Remote Technology issued a service repair ticket and worked with the equipment vendors, Magnetic and Hy Security, to troubleshoot and restore operations to the RFID tag entry lane. While troubleshooting the magnetic barrier arm gate equipment with the vendor and service tech, they located two abandoned, bare wires causing the relay to short and give a hold open command that kept the barrier arm closed. Additionally, the recommendations from Hy Security to rewire the “Click to Enter” changed the sequence of operations, allowing the barrier arm to open for public safety agencies.

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