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2022 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving completed milling and paving the entry and exit lanes this week. They will return to The Settlement to complete milling and paving Dame Kathryn Drive.















Storm Drain Lining

Southeast Pipe completed repairing and lining sections of a failed storm drain pipe on Village Green Circle this week.

Landings Community Park Maintenance

Inhouse crews completed several maintenance items at Landings Community Park this week, including the quarterly pressure washing of all equipment in and around the Park, updated signage for the newly installed lighting around the facility (explaining how to operate the new light fixtures), and paint touchups around the facility.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Wastewater Contractors, our current service provider, restored the plumbing operations at the Park’s restrooms. The restrooms are now fully operational.

North Access Control Facility Maintenance

Staff took the opportunity to conduct maintenance at the North Gate Access Control Facility this week while the facility was unstaffed during the road project. This work included gate maintenance (checking the batteries, repacking slide gate wheels with grease and/or replace, inspecting the springs, checking the motor block for cracks from impact, making sure the loop detector devices wire connections are working, etc.), cleaning the interior and exterior of the building, and painting touch-ups around the facility.

Road Tree Pruning Program – Oakridge

This week, staff continued the 2022 Winter Road Tree Pruning Program along Westcross Road. This program is completed operationally and encompasses lifting the tree canopies up over the roadways to provide proper heights for emergency vehicles and other large vehicles within the community.

Marsh Outfall Cleanout 

BrightView has been performing annual maintenance on the marsh outfall structures in the Oakridge section of the community this week. These structures accumulate sand, silt, leaves, and other organic material throughout the year and require maintenance to allow for proper drainage into the marsh. All materials removed from the structure are piled on the maintenance easement adjacent to the structure to dry. Once dry (1-3 weeks depending on weather patterns), BrightView will remove the material from the site.

Perimeter Fence Line Cutbacks

This week, BrightView staff continued the 2022 Perimeter Fence Line Cutbacks. This program is completed as part of the annual landscaping contract with BrightView and encompasses removing 1.5 feet of vegetation on both sides of the 12-mile perimeter fencing that surrounds the community.

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