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Landings Harbor

Operating Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Daily 


Landings Harbor Marina

It has been a busy week at the marina with boats movements. We have several Delegal Creek boats being serviced and/or worked on at the Harbor. If you store your boat at Delegal in the wet slips and need to have it put on a rack temporarily, we appreciate you making prior arrangements with us and limiting the time on the rack to 24-72 hours max. We are heading into the busier time and need the racks to accommodate daily boat movements. We remind everyone to utilize the BoatCloup App for boat movement requests. If you need help with the app, please contact Jen at the Marina Office (912-598-1901). If you are having someone come to work on your boat, please call ahead, and make us aware of that arrangement. The vendors are required to sign in at the Ship’s Store and have current liability insurance on file with us.

Free Vessel Safety Checks

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary will be offering FREE vessel safety checks on Sunday, March 20 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. You can make a boat movement requests through the BoatCloud App to have your boat placed on a wash rack for inspection. If you have questions, contact Jay Gleeson (917-783-0269). This is a terrific idea to have done before the boating season begins.

Dredging Project

Dolan Yacht Service, Inc. continues with the dredging project at Landings Harbor. The booster pump was sent out to be rebuilt by P&O Machine Shop after having a mechanical seal failure. The pump was returned and installed Wednesday, and dredging resumed Thursday. Dredging hours will be Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Some weekend work hours may be necessary to stay on schedule. This year’s project is estimated to continue for a maximum 30 days, with a concentration on the entrance and fairways between the docks.

This year, we may be relocating some boats to allow the dredge to access the slips. The movement of vessels to staging slips will be managed by the Marinas team. They will use TLA’s workboat to tow vessels during the dredging project and will not operate vessels under their own power to staging slips during the dredging project. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Larry Sincoskie (larrys@landings.org)

All vessels are encouraged to exercise extreme caution when navigating within the basin during the dredging project. The dredge pipeline will be clearly marked with buoys and obvious pipelines floating near the water’s surface. The location of the pipe will constantly move as the dredge works throughout the basin. Please, never attempt to cross the dredge pipe, as damage will occur to your vessel and the pipeline.

Marina Ship’s Store

We are currently planning and ordering merchandise and apparel with The Landings 50th Anniversary logo on it. The Ship’s Store will be the primary location to purchase those items, but we will also have some options available at the events planned throughout the year. Updates will be posted here! Stay tuned!

There were several requests last year for boy’s youth size shorts. We just received a waist size run from 20-26 in silver, a light grey color. Also, we re-stocked in the men’s sizes 30-38.









Landings Sailing Club

The Landings Sailing Club held a “Winter Snowflake Soiree” at the Sunset Pavilion at Delegal Creek Marina on Monday, February 21. Dianne Bloom put together the event and truly made it spectacular with the decorations, entertainment, and food. This Ohio State Buckeye always pays up when she loses a friendly bet. A handmade University of Michigan cake was delivered as promised!









The Landings Sailing Club will be offering another Basic Sailing Course in April. The two-day intensive course includes interactive classroom instruction that will be held Saturday, April 23 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The water session will be held the following Sunday, Tuesday, or Wednesday based on student and instructor availability, weather, and tides. Class size is limited to ten. The cost is $100 per student. $25 will be refunded if you join TLSC within 30 days. You must be a Landings resident. For questions, contact Angela Margolit (973-296-8011). To register, please email Angela (amargolit@hotmail.com).

Dry Storage

The Landings Harbor Marina dry, wet, and jet ski storage is at full capacity. We continue to maintain and fill any openings from the wait list.

Landings Dry Storage Activity










Operating Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Daily 

Delegal Creek Marina

Staff are preparing the Delegal Creek Marina for a busy boating season. Part of the preparation was “polishing” the fuel in the underground tanks. Guardian Fuel Technologies arrived this week with their FuelGuard polishing system that restores stagnant or degraded fuel back to health using a multi-stage filtration system to remove pollutants, water, and microbial growth. The FuelGuard service also gently cleans the inside walls of the fuel tanks with the biocide-treated fuel in the tank. To ensure a quality level of fuel is being delivered to our boaters as well as protecting the fuel system from contamination that causes damage to the fuel system components is a priority at the Marinas.

An audit of the kayak racks was recently completed. We have relocated two kayaks and two paddle boards that were missing owner details into safe storage. To claim ownership, please contact the Marina Director (912-598-5502). As a reminder, all vessels and kayaks stored on the Marinas property are required to have an active lease agreement.

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