Landings Harbor Project Team Update

Since June of 2021, The Landings Harbor Project Team has been working to develop goals, identify improvements, increase efficiencies, and create a timeline for project implementation at Landings Harbor Marina. The continued goal is to create a better community amenity at the Harbor for boaters and non-boaters, while highlighting the beauty of this location. Funds are budgeted for the replacement of only the dry boat storage racks; however, there is much more that can be done to improve this amenity.

Six focus groups were held in November/December of 2021, which provided feedback that included preservation of the current green space and views, the need to enhance social gathering spaces, update the park amenities (e.g., the marina building); improve parking; remedy the harbor depth, congestion, and current layout; add more food/drink options; and install a kayak launch area to name a few. Due to limited funding, the Harbor Project Team intends to work on existing infrastructure improvements, which will include the preservation and enhancement of the green space, marina building, dry stacks, wet slips, and parking. The long-term goal of this project team is to develop a master plan for the facility along with funding opportunities.

The original team will break into smaller groups with an immediate focus on marina operations and green space enhancements. 

A huge thank you to the members of the Landings Harbor Project Team for their time and dedication over the last 10 months and the 100+ residents who participated in the advisory teams and focus groups.  We so appreciate your volunteerism and feedback in helping to preserve and improve Landings Harbor!

We will continue to keep the community updated as new developments arise.





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