Great Horned Owl Chick about to Hatch?

By Rick Cunningham
Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon

As you probably know, Great Horned Owls (GHOs) are once again in the nest on our Palmetto golf course. After weeks of courting, and feeding rituals to prove he could support her, the female laid her first and only egg onJanuary 17. The bird cam project, a partnership between Skidaway Audubon, The Landings Club, and The Landings Association. The Cornell Lab of ornitholoby is streaming three, high-definition cameras live 24/7 at

The chick inside that egg has been  "pipping" and working to break it's way out of the shell since late yesterday (Thursday, February 17). Today (Friday, February 18), we hope the little bird is successful presenting it's parents with a brand-new hatchling GHO! 

Check out this article from Mal Welch on the recent history of the bird cam and this nest!

With a great horned owl on full display at, there couldn’t be a better time to learn all about the owls of Skidaway Island.

An owl expert from Oatland Island Wildlife Center will present all of the fascinating details about these treasured raptors on February. 24, as part of Skidaway Audubon’s ongoing speaker series. The presentation will be held at Messiah Lutheran Church (1 West Ridge Road) at 4 p.m. Click here to register! 


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