TLA Assessment Payment Options Reminder

Courtesy of Landings Finance Department

Members are reminded that the 2022 Assessment (Annual Property Owner Dues) is due by March 1, 2022. Late fees will be assessed on April 1.

The monthly and quarterly payment options require you to fill out the Preauthorized Payment Service Authorization Homeowner ACH Debit Transfer. Please note, even if you participated in the monthly or quarterly payment plan in the past, you must resubmit a new, Preauthorized Payment Service Authorization Homeowner ACH Debit Transfer. Additionally, a voided check is required. The deadline to register for the monthly and quarterly options is February 21, 2022.

To learn more about the 2022 Assessment, including how to remit payment, please click here.

If you already have paid your Assessment or submitted your payment plan information, thank you. There is no need to contact us or do anything further. 

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