50th Anniversary Golden Nugget of the Week: Large Lagoon at Delegal Creek Marina

By Richard Burke
50th Anniversary History Subcommittee

Question: Is there a story behind the large lagoon at Delegal Creek Marina?

Answer: Yes. While lagoons throughout The Landings were designed and constructed as essential parts of the overall drainage plan for the community, the one at Delegal Creek Marina had a different function. Not Branigar, but the original developer of what was then Skidaway Island Plantation, had a vision of this lagoon as the basin for an “inland marina,” similar to the one at Windmill Harbour on Hilton Head, where water levels are controlled by a lock system, and access to the river is gained via a dredged and maintained channel through the marsh edge.

Branigar kept the lagoon, but chose the more environmentally sensitive solution of accessing Delegal Creek by constructing long decks above rather than through the marsh edge, and positioning the wet slips in permanent deep water.



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