Marinas Update 

By Larry Sincoskie - 
Marinas Director 

Landings Harbor Marina’s operating hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., daily. Delegal Creek Marina’s winter hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., each day.

Landings Harbor Marina’s 2022 dredging project has been awarded to Dolan Yacht Services. The project is scheduled for early February and is expected to be completed in 30 days. The settling ponds will continue to be used to collect and store the dredged material. During the project, staff will be assisting Dolan in temporarily relocating wet slip vessels so that the interior slip space can be dredged.

Mike Marino (pictured at right) has joined our team as the Delegal Marina Dockmaster. His prior experience includes the management of park and beach operations in California. He most recently worked for the Carefree Boat Club of The Landings, so he is very familiar with the Marinas, boaters, and residents. We are confident that his experience will make a fantastic addition to our team.

Landings Harbor Dockmaster Dylan Bedortha and forklift operator Sam Floyd have been sharing daily operation duties at Delegal during the transition and recruiting to fill this position. Dylan and Sam will return full-time to the Harbor once Mike is trained on the many operating procedures at Delegal. Please welcome Mike to our community when you see him.

The Marinas staff and Rhodes-19 members will continue updating the remaining vessel, Harvest Moon, in The Landings Sailing Club fleet. Harvest Moon’s refurbishment will be completed once daily temperatures are warm enough to finish painting the hull and topside. The Frostbite Series racing is scheduled to continue throughout the month and into March. The 43rd Annual St. Patrick’s Regatta will be March 19-20. Please call Geechee Sailing Club Race Chair Angela Margolit (973-296-8011) for details and more information.

The Landings Harbor Project Team will continue to work on the redevelopment plans at Landings Harbor. Dry storage rack buildings are at the top of the list of items to be addressed as part of the project. Staff will continue working with the dry storage construction companies on the design of the new racks and will look for proposals by the end of February. New rack storage buildings will be configured to add additional racks and create an improvement in operations of the dry storage operation. Throughout February, staff will focus on special projects, repairs, and maintenance items during low operating times.

Stay tuned for more information, and we look forward to seeing you at the Marinas!

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