Annual Landings Harbor Dredging Has Begun

By Karl Stephens, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
General Manager/COO

The Landings Harbor Marina basin must be dredged annually to remove excess sediment that becomes deposited over time, with The Landings Association permitted to remove a maximum of 5,500 cubic yards of material or reach an average depth of eight feet at mean low water. (Mean low water is the average height of all low waters recorded at a given place over a period of time.) If this dredging were not completed, boats would not be able to launch, as the basin would fill in with silt and sediment. Although the dredging process takes time and can be an inconvenience to boaters, the temporary trouble is well worth the benefits, as your Association’s focus is to keep Landings Harbor operating for our boaters.

Join me as we talk with Marinas Director Larry Sincoskie about this year’s project, which has just begun.

Annual Dredging Video


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