President's Update 1-26-2022

By Mark Winters -
President, The Landings Association

In 1972, excitement filled the air as a causeway and drawbridge were officially opened, gaining easier access to Skidaway Island. From the time the drawbridge opened, developers continued creating a unique southern community…The Landings. Now, 50 years later, we look back on our community nestled on a barrier island with its live oaks cloaked in Spanish Moss, pine trees swaying in the sea breezes, and wildlife dwelling in the branches and the palmetto thickets, and think how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful place. While The Landings has undergone many changes over these past 50 years, we, the residents, still enjoy living on this island filled with natural beauty, recreational activities, and a strong sense of community. This year, The Landings Association celebrates our 50th Anniversary and continues working to ensure our island and community remain a vibrant place of natural beauty and a home filled with family and friends.

The Landings Association (TLA) is more than a building of administrative offices orchestrating operations of a homeowner association. TLA also includes an ensemble of dedicated employees supported by equally dedicated resident volunteers.

TLA consists of property owners…you and me. We elect a Board of Directors who serve in a volunteer capacity to set policy and approve actions that govern our Association. The Board hires the General Manager who oversees operations that are divided into departments consisting of Finance, Communications, Security, Public Works, Community Development, Marinas, and Human Resources. These departments conduct the daily work of maintaining our beautiful community.

The strength of our community that has sustained us through 50 years has been the resident volunteers. These volunteers are our neighbors who serve on boards, committees, project groups, focus groups, and various other groups that serve us and preserve our island way of life.

There are various official committees that support TLA Operations. Each of the committees meet regularly; some meet once a month, while others meet more often. These committees are composed of both resident volunteers and TLA employees. Some of the committees are Board level, which simply means they are composed of only members from the board of directors. The Board-level committees include Executive, Governance, Development, and Strategic Planning.

There are other committees which are composed of a mixture of resident volunteers, members of the Board, and TLA employees. These are advisory committees and include Communications, Finance, Marinas, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Public Works, Security, Strategic Water, Tallow Tree, and Nominating. Additionally, the Architectural Review and Appeals Committees are regulatory and consist of resident volunteers. Within the committees, there are subcommittees (such as Dog Park, Investment, and Reserves), project teams, and focus groups, as well as representatives to other volunteer groups within our community. Throughout 2022, TLA Departments, TLA employees who daily complete the work of that department, and resident volunteers who support that department will be recognized.

Resident volunteers provide the strength, the wisdom, and the enthusiasm that is the true hallmark of The Landings! If you serve or have served on a Board, committee, project team, focus group, or other volunteer group within TLA or in our community, I thank you for your commitment to our community and to the place we call home!

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