Assessment News You Need to Know

Courtesy of The Landings Association's Finance Department

By next week, residents should begin receiving their 2022 Assessment (Annual Property Owner Dues) Statements in the mail.

This is the annual property owner dues that funds both Operating and Capital Expenditures for The Landings Association.

The Assessment amount for 2022 is $2,170 and is due by March 1. Payments received after April 1 will incur late fees and interest charges. Acceptable payments are check, cash, or credit card through our service provider, PayLease. It is important to note that you will see an Atlanta, Georgia address on your statement and return envelope. This address is to a secure lockbox to consolidate payments with our banking institution.

The monthly and quarterly payment options require you to fill out the Preauthorized Payment Service Authorization Homeowner ACH Debit Transfer. Please note, even if you participated in the monthly or quarterly payment plan in the past, you must resubmit a new, Preauthorized Payment Service Authorization Homeowner ACH Debit Transfer. Additionally, a voided check is required. The deadline to register for the monthly and quarterly options is February 21, 2022.

To learn more about the 2022 Assessment, including how to remit payment, please click here.

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