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Installation of Curbing in the Community

This week, Absolute Concrete completed the installation of additional curbing inside the North Gate off McWhorter Drive. This new system will allow for improved drainage at the North Gatehouse and surrounding area, along with preventing further damage to the turf and irrigation system alongside the roadway. Next week, Absolute Concrete will begin the replacement of curbing in The Settlement in advance of the 2022 Road Paving Project.












Street Sweeping Maintenance

The weekend’s storm brought additional downfall throughout the community. The department’s three street sweepers have been circulating the community daily to clear the streets of the debris.

Storm Drains

Southeast Pipe completed a slip-line repair of a section of storm drain pipe on Cricket Court this week that was damaged as a result of a sewer line failure.

TLA Administration Building

On Tuesday morning, staff noticed a water leak in the lobby area of TLA’s Administration Building. Staff tried to find the location of the leak but were unable to do so. Staff contacted Consolidated Plumbing, Mechanical, & Engineering, one of our plumbing subcontractors, who arrived onsite Tuesday afternoon to repair the leak.

The water leak damaged some of the carpeted flooring which requires replacement. Staff reached out to our flooring vendor, Eckard's Flooring, to obtain a quote to replace the damaged area. Once a quote has been received, staff will schedule the carpet replacement.

Road Tree Pruning Program – Landings Way South

This week, staff continued the 2022 Winter Road Tree Pruning Program. This program is completed operationally and encompasses lifting the canopies up over the roadways to provide proper heights for emergency vehicles and other large vehicles within the community. Staff currently are working along Landings Way South.

Community Path Cutbacks – Landings Way South

The community path cutback program is completed annually as part of our landscape contract with BrightView. The program encompasses cutting back any vegetation (generally 3 feet) and that which overhangs the community path (generally 7 feet). BrightView is currently working on Landings Way South.

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