President's Update

By Mark Winters -
President, The Landings Association

As we bid farewell to 2021 and welcome 2022, we focus on both our history and the possibilities awaiting us in the New Year. We welcome many new neighbors to celebrate The Landings’ 50th Anniversary with a vision of the next 50 years. We welcome a new General Manager and new Board Members along with new Committee Members to The Landings Association (TLA). These are just a few reasons to look forward to the opportunities ahead of us in the months and years to come.

We live in a community where volunteers contribute so much to our island lifestyle. There are many ways to volunteer. Some do so by lending a helping hand to neighbors and to beautifying our island paradise. Others serve in a more formal capacity with social clubs and civic groups. I express my gratitude to those who have served as members on TLA’s committees and to welcome new members to these committees. Having served for several years on TLA’s Marinas Committee, I acknowledge the dedicated work of committee members. Volunteers are certainly a vital part of what makes our community work so wonderful.

In addition, I express my appreciation to the three outgoing Board members -- John Holmquist, Jim Morgan, and Eric Larson for their contributions to TLA. Each has left an impression on TLA staff, Board members, committee members, and our community. John Holmquist deserves a special thank you for two years of service as President of TLA’s Board of Directors. I have learned from his wisdom and guidance this past year serving as his Vice President.

Please join me in welcoming our three new Board members -- Herman Stone, Bill Bina, and Cary Shapoff. Each of these new Board members have been diligently attending meetings and training sessions as they prepare for their new responsibilities. Herman will serve as TLA’s Treasurer, and Bill will serve as TLA’s Secretary. Returning Board member Judy Monaco will serve as TLA’s Vice President. Judy, Herman, and Bill will join me to form TLA’s Executive Committee.

We also welcome our new TLA General Manager, Karl Stephens. I have developed a respect for Karl’s wisdom and leadership of TLA’s staff as I have interacted with him in his role as Assistant General Manager. I also was able to learn more about him as I served on the Search Committee, interviewing numerous candidates for General Manager. Karl has demonstrated his commitment to TLA, having worked here since 2002, serving in several positions, including Assistant General Manager for the past four years. He has come up through the ranks, gaining experience and wisdom as he developed a passion for our island community. Having grown up in Georgia myself, I am glad to say Karl is a graduate of the University of Georgia. I look forward to working with Karl in our new roles.

Finally, my wife Belinda and I frequently comment that we are so fortunate to live in this beautiful community and to enjoy this unique island lifestyle. I know you share with us an appreciation for our community and a desire to maintain this place we call home…this island paradise. May this New Year of opportunities be filled with love for our neighbors and the wonderful island life we all enjoy so much!



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