On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

New Fine Schedule

On December 21 at its regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting, The Board of Directors unanimously approved a new fine schedule for 2022 which will be posted in the Association’s monthly Newsletter and online (www.Landings.org).


On December 21, Security responded to a reported theft on Brandenberry Road. The home is currently undergoing repairs/renovations and forced entry into the home was not a factor. The reported loss was significant, and Chatham County Police Department is investigating.

The lawn mower reported as missing on Thursday, December 9 was returned to its rightful owner.

Packages left on doorsteps were reported missing/stolen on various streets to include Deer Run and Cavan Lane in the community. Delivery drivers are working with Security to identify any suspicious persons or vehicles, and GPS tracking devices in special packages have been deployed in an effort to identify thieves. Residents are encouraged to arrange for deliveries when they are home, or a neighbor can accept the package(s).

Wellness Center Assistance

TLA Security staff responded to The Landings Club Wellness Center and assisted Club management staff with an aggressive and belligerent member. The member refused to comment when interviewed, and no further incidents were reported.


On December 22, a resident reported a vehicle tailgating him through the Deer Creek gate. Upon further investigation it was determined a flower delivery person had tailgated the resident. The driver was given a warning and directions on how to properly enter the community. A recent vacation to Florida provided the Security Director an opportunity to witness a double gate “sally port” system in operation to mitigate tailgating issues. However, during peak traffic hours, the system caused extensive delays and severe congestion.

Possible Trespassing

On December 19, a resident advised a Security Officer of a cyclist parking her vehicle in The Village and riding her bike into Deer Creek. A search of Deer Creek was performed but to no avail. The Officer returned to the cyclist’s vehicle and annotated the vehicle’s tag information and issued a no-trespass warning. As a reminder, if sponsored guests enter our community, they must still be processed via the callboxes or a staffed gate.

Tidewater Square

Officers continued to focus their time and efforts on vendors driving trucks through Tidewater Square and issued several warnings and a few fines to vendors for driving large trucks through the square.

** Please note that a brief synopsis is provided for pertinent incidents that Security responds to during the week. All incidents are not covered in the weekly recap. Statistics for all reports are provided below. **           

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