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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Turf Painting at Gatehouses 

BrightView completed an organic turf pigment application at the gatehouses this week. This maintenance is completed during dormant months to keep the turf a consistent color (green and not brown!) amongst the high traffic areas around the community. Additionally, this application reduces the need for irrigation during the winter months.

Community Paths

This week, Absolute Concrete completed community path panel repairs on Landings Way North along Lagoon 3 (off Bartram Road). They will continue to work in the Marshwood area of the community.

Street Sweeping

Staff continue to work on collecting the heavy downfall located on the roadways this week. Three street sweepers will continue to circulate throughout the community. We appreciate your patience as we work to collect the downfall.

Traffic Study in The Village

The Landings Association and The Village have a longstanding agreement (since 1997) which defines ownership, maintenance, and replacement responsibilities for the properties each entity owns in The Village. Prior to negotiating the agreement again (it expires in March of 2022), a traffic study is being conducted to better understand the daily traffic at the following intersections: (1) Diamond Causeway/204 and Lake Street (s/n), (2) Westridge/McWhorter (s/n), and (3) Deer Creek Village Gate - Shellwind Drive and Westridge (s/n) and Deer Creek Automatic Gate entrance. The traffic counters were installed by J.M. Teague Engineering & Planning on Thursday. Once results are collected, staff, in conjunction with The Village POA, will review the data which will help formulate the next agreement.

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