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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Community Paths

This week Absolute Concrete completed community path panel repairs on Landings Way North. They will progress to the Marshwood area of the community next week. 

Storm Drain Camera System

Staff completed videoing the storm drains on Woodbrook Court, Yam Gandy Road and Village Green Circle this week. Staff will continue to video storm drains that are considered troublesome storm drains wherein blockages have existed after heavy rain events. Once the video footage has been captured, staff will develop a maintenance schedule for repair/replacement.     

Street Sweeping

Staff is continuing to work on collecting the heavy downfall located on the roadways this week. Three street sweepers will continue to circulate throughout the community.

Community Path Cutbacks – North End of Island and Tidewater

BrightView continued with the community path cutbacks this week on the north end of the island and in Tidewater. As a reminder, this program is completed annually and encompasses the cutback of vegetation (generally 3 feet) that overhangs on the community path (generally 7 feet). This program is part of our landscape contract with BrightView.

Center Island Cutbacks -- North End of Island and Tidewater

BrightView staff continued with the annual center island cutback program this week on the north end of the island and Tidewater this week. This program is completed annually as part of our landscape contract.

Road Tree Pruning Program

This week inhouse staff continued with the 2021 Fall Road Tree Pruning Program. This program includes uplifting the canopies over the roadways to provide proper heights for emergency vehicles and other large vehicles within the community. Staff is currently working in the Tidewater section of the community and will progress to Landings Way North from Tidewater towards Landings Harbor thereafter.

Rye Grass Overseeding

BrightView staff is finishing up the 2021 Amenities and Center Island Overseeding Program. This program is completed annually as part of our landscape contract. This program includes the overseeding of all amenities and center islands with rye grass. Please note that all irrigated areas (around amenities) will receive additional water to help facilitate the germination of the grass seeds.

Dog Park Maintenance

In-house crews completed several maintenance items in the Dog Park this week which included filling holes along the fence lines and replacing damaged fencing and railings.

Landings Harbor Fixed Pier Maintenance

This week, in-house crews worked to address some maintenance items on the Landings Harbor Fixed Pier, including board replacements, sanding trip hazards, screwing down loose boards, and repairing railings. This work will continue into next week

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