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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Street Sweeping

Staff is diligently working on collecting downfall located on the roadways this week. Three street sweepers will continue to circulate throughout the community until we are back on schedule.

2021 Athletic Field Project

In-house staff installed four benches along the new ¼ mile perimeter walking path this week. The marine matting that will be installed on top of the concrete base has been shipped and is anticipated to be delivered by the end of December/beginning of January and installed thereafter.

Community Path Panel Repairs

Absolute Concrete replaced damaged community path panels along Yam Gandy Road and Delegal Road this week. They will progress to panel repairs in Oakridge and Marshwood next week.

Storm Drain Camera System Training

Staff began learning and training on the new storm drain camera system this week. This piece of equipment will allow staff the ability to identify critical blockages and/or separation of pipes in-house prior to contracting any necessary repairs. This purchase was approved by the Public Works Committee, Finance Committee and Board in October which was funded through the Capital Reserves in the amount of $34,745. Over the last 3 years, The Association spent $51,436 for contractors to provide this video service.














Community Path Cutbacks – Deer Creek

Community Path cutbacks are completed annually as part of our landscape contract with BrightView. This program encompasses the cutback of vegetation, generally 3 feet, and that which overhangs over the community path, generally 7 feet. This is completed annually for a number of reasons which include increasing the line of sight for those traveling on community path, removing vegetation that could potentially injure those traveling on the path, along with the removal of a “years’ worth” of growth so that path continues to stay clear until the following year. BrightView completed community path cutbacks in the Deer Creek section of the community this week.

Center Island Cutbacks

This week, BrightView staff began the 2021 Center Island Cutbacks Program. This program is also completed annually as part of our landscape contract. The program encompasses cutting back vegetation on the center islands. This is completed for a number of reasons to include increasing the line of sight for those traveling on roadways, removing dead material on the center islands and to improve the general aesthetics and health of the trees and plant material. This week, BrightView began working on the center islands in the Deer Creek section of the community.

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