First Responders Update

By Kelly Gordon -
President, First Responders

Golf carts = Vehicles. There shouldn’t be any confusion or mystified people out there thinking otherwise. To pretend you don’t get it no longer is an acceptable excuse. Recently, we worked two serious golf cart accidents in two weeks. I’m concerned about the lackadaisical attitude many people in this community have for golf cart safety and operation.

PSA: Children should not ride in the laps of drivers, nor should they be allowed to drive a golf cart if they’re not a licensed driver.

If you are someone who lets your toddler sit in your lap while driving to Publix in your car or allows them to chauffeur you while taking a leisurely drive, then I assume this might be a confusing law. In simple terms, it’s dangerous and irresponsible. There is no difference in a car and a golf cart when it comes to responsibility and safety.

If you decide to drive your golf cart while intoxicated, you risk your passengers falling off the cart, or you could sustain serious injuries if you take a sharp turn or collide with someone or something. Head injuries are terrible, and falling out of any moving vehicle puts someone at a higher risk for them. I do not suggest getting behind the wheel of anything after consuming alcohol. Call a friend. Walk. Get an Uber. It’s simple.

We are so lucky to be able to live in such a magical place. Time after time we respond to calls where carelessness and selfishness have caused unnecessary injuries. We are here to look out for one another. We must be vigilant about the rules and laws of drinking and driving so that we don’t hurt a neighbor and put ourselves at risk.

In an article I wrote last year, I mentioned obstacles in our homes. Rugs, tables, chairs, shoes, and even boxes can cause the elderly to trip and fall. Walking up and down stairs wearing only socks also is extremely dangerous not only for the elderly, but for people of all ages. If you have a lot of clutter in your home, try to rearrange things so there is a clear path to all rooms. We often run into issues when trying to move a patient or get a stretcher in and out of a hallway due to furniture and other items.

You never know when you’re going to fall or even how we will be able to maneuver around things in your home. The best way to prepare is to mentally picture how someone could enter your rooms without difficulty. Rugs can be a huge issue if they’re not appropriately laid on the floor. I strongly suggest getting the rubber-backed ones or the non-slip rug pads to go underneath.

As we approach the holidays and plan to attend and throw parties, please make sure you think about all the risks that go along with that. Plan well. Have a plan in place for your guests to get home safely and for you to know how you’ll get home if you’ve been drinking. If you know ahead of time that you’ll be enjoying the festivities, get a ride to and from the event. There are plenty of us willing to help when needed. Let’s avoid any serious accidents this year because of alcohol mixed with vehicles.

We are working tirelessly on making sure everything we hand out has the area code on it. As of October 24, we can’t make a call without using the area code for any call we make. When updating your contacts in your phones, please make sure you modify the First Responders number to 912-355-6688. We want you to be able to reach us as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

Over the past two months, as we’ve responded to calls, we’ve seen a lot more yellow cards in homes. That said, there are LOTS of people who do not have them and seem confused when we ask about them. Please go by The Landings Association (600 Landings Way South) and pick up one for each family member. Take them home, fill them out, place them appropriately on or in your refrigerator, and keep them updated.

In closing, we wish each of you Happy Holidays and, of course, a very happy and healthy New Year. We thank all of you who have made contributions to our organization and have taken the time to call, text, email, and write notes to us with the kindest words and utmost support. We care deeply for the residents on this island. It’s an honor to serve in this capacity, and we look forward to continuing in the New Year.

This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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