CDD News You Can Use: Play Structures

By Karen Szychowski - karens@landings.og
Property and Housing Inspector

With the holiday season upon us, many parents are planning to give fun, playful gifts like trampolines, playhouses, climbing gyms, basketball hoops, and tree swings. Recreational play structures are a great way to let kids be kids and burn off excess energy!

Something important to remember when considering these types of recreational features is that they require Architectural Review Committee (ARC) approval prior to installation. To obtain approval, an application must be submitted outlining the type of structure, the colors and materials, and the desired location. This application is then reviewed by the ARC to ensure that installation of the new play feature is in alignment with the Architectural Guidelines.

The ARC will review the application to evaluate how well the feature harmonizes with the surrounding environment based on its color, screening from view by existing or proposed landscaping, and placement that does not encroach into building setback or easement areas.

Please refer to section 3.17 Playground Equipment of the Architectural Guidelines on The Landings Association’s website ( > Governing Documents > Architectural Guidelines).

If you find the application process daunting, never fear, CDD staff are available to help residents through the process. If you are thinking of giving the gift of FUN to someone this holiday season, please email us ( so we can help you get the process started.

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